Affluent Mediocrity
Sample: The Second Sampling [work in progress]

Been awhile since I’ve had a section I felt comfortable posting as a sample on here, but here’s another one from the same piece I’ve been working on.


As the humming of enormous engines coming to life rose in volume, so too did the illumination increase with each passing moment. Caught in awe, Jame turned in a slow circle as the true expanses of the chamber he was in revealed themselves to his wide-eyed and wondering gaze. He had thought the room must be huge, but in truth the words to describe it’s size refused to come. Orderly rows of massive generators that could easily be mistaken for buildings spread far into the distance, possibly even the entire length of Cask; outlined by the twinkling spread of multihued lights, like stars in a moonless underground sky.

Steady humming quickly rose to a cacaphonous roar, forcing Jame to cover his ears and grimace with discomfort as the volume continued increasing unabated. He could feel it, the vibration from those giant machines reverberating in his bones, setting his whole body trembling and sending the prickling sensation of hair standing on end all over his body. Regardless of the bombardment to his senses, the boy continued to stare around himself with absolute fascination. Never had he dreamed of such a sight, such a cascade of light and sound passing over him, around him, and through him. His blood bubbled in his veins as the air itself seemed to gain substance, crashing against him from countless directions like great waves of energy upon the rocks. All he could do was absorb the experience, try to fix it firmly in his memory and keep it safe.

So intensely did the sights within the engine room capture the young boy’s mind that, when the gloved hand clapped suddenly upon his shoulder and spun him around, he simply blinked uncomprehendingly back at the Walker’s panicked features. A stream of words poured from the man’s face, random noise without form or meaning for all Jame understood them. When realization finally began to pierce to fog clouding his mind, the lad knew fear unlike anything the long years in mam’s shack had inspired. Long instilled taboo had been violated by simply entering this place, but all of this tech from Before… the lights bursting into life… this was something else entirely, and the half-recalled bits of memory which understood that fact wanted to cower in primal fear.

Walker brought Jame back to the moment with a brief, hard shake. With a look of frustration, the man spun away from Jame and nearly sprinted to the glowing control platform. The boy’s gaze followed his actions as gloved hands seemed to weave light from the gently glowing pedistal, intricate movements of the man’s fingers dancing through streams of flicking, incomprehensable symbols. Abruptly the volume in the cavern began to decrease, with entire banks of lights turning out at once across the vast space as the brief, glorious burst of life which had surged through the long-silent facility slowly receeded back into darkness.

As silence returned and the blue-tinged lighting again provided the only illumination, Jame watched the strange man continue to manipulate the screen of light at the control platform. Faintly, the boy could hear his oddly accented mutters, “Tis fine… has to be fine… dormant so long, no way that could have… need to check…” through the heavy, oppressive silence that descended upon the chamber. The ragged coat rustled like snakeskin as the man spun around abruptly, the intensity of the action forcing Jame back a step. Shadows hid his features, but Jame could feel the stranger’s furious gaze none-the-less, and it cowed what tiny scrap of bravado his little adventure had sparked in him.

Without another word the man stormed toward the frightened boy, seizing a fistful of dirty cloth at Jame’s chest and hauling him like a ragdoll into the air without breaking stride. Clawing, cursing, begging, screaming; he might as well have tried to break the grip of a mountain, for all the good it did him. Biting was no help either, the lad’s teeth sliding uselessly against the thick material of the man’s gloves until he gave Jame a sharp shake, the abrupt motion bloodying his lips. He hardly noticed the trip back through the bizarre moving room, nor the purposful path through dimly lit tunnels identical to the rest the boy had seen so far. Desperate, animal instinct for survival burned like wildfire in his mind and drove out all else as he savagely fought the iron grip that held him, to no avail. The feverish need for escape only abated when the man tossed the boy aside thoughtlessly, his impact against the cold stone wall sending flares of pain through his skull. 

Birthdays… They’re A Problem

My birthday. If ever a more foul subject than this particular gem exists, I have yet to encounter it in my all-too-convoluted life. Yet, no matter how much I try, year after year there’s some poor fool who takes it upon themselves to inflict it upon me one more time.

So, in the interest of streamlining this entire process from now and into the vast unknown mists of time, I should probably just explain my concept of a “good day” on my birthday… a funny concept, given the entire end goal is simply to balance my foul mood from the moment I wake that morning.

Above all else I don’t want to be rushed. Plans are well and good, but the moment stress to get somewhere is overwhelming the peace of the day is the moment I’m liable to say “screw it, I’m out”, making the plans pointless anyway. If it needs to be rushed, it’s not worth the effort.

If a birthday is meant to be a day during which one gets to do the things they enjoy most, my birthday would be pretty simple. If “going out” is a requirement (it’s really not for me, but people generally do this stuff for themselves more than anything else; an odd social convention I only vaguely understand), a nice dinner somewhere low-key is preferable.Honestly I’ve only ever eaten out on a date, so the process for a group of people is beyond me… by a huge margin. I’m no help there.

Normally, going to the theater for a film ranks pretty highly on my list of things that are actually enjoyable. Unfortunately, Hollywood insists on releasing absolute tripe through the majority of the year so there’s rarely anything worth seeing near my birthday. Actually, as it stands the only release I’m really excited to see doesn’t come out until August, so a movie is pretty much a moot concept at this point.

Really, the majority of things I would consider going out for aren’t things that you can schedule, they happen only a few times a year (if that) and typically very far away. It’s a considerably frustrating problem, but that’s just the way it is. Other than a nice dinner, there’s VERY little I’d be interested in going out to do… and afterward, for the most part I just enjoy getting quite time to myself so I can enjoy a game or some quiet time.

Not to make it even MORE complicated, but I’m possibly that much more difficult when it comes to a gift. Unlike most people there aren’t very many things I want in this world, I tend to focus on a few important items I’ve wanted for a very long time and nothing else; nothing else is worth wanting. They tend to be few in number and expensive, so I don’t expect to get them, but should there be interest in the matter:

The Yiynova MSP19U Tablet Display 
Custom pair of Transitions lens glasses
Nice light-weather trenchcoat/duster

Seriously, can’t stress this enough: No pressure, no stress. I expect nothing and prefer little.

Oh… and cake isn’t really my thing. Seriously, who actually LIKES frosting?!


Can we all just agree that, while very quotable, Spaceballs just isn’t a good movie?